Happy Pride Month! Join us as we celebrate our 2SLGBTQI+ selves, relations, and allies. Primp you and your pooch (or other pet) for Pride and join us as we parade from the library to John Phillips Memorial Park. Once at the park, you can select a book to read to your pet, or join in other fun activities. Children aged 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult.

Parade starts at 4 pm on Wednesday, June 26. Just meet outside the library’s lower entrance before 4 pm to join!

Please note that, due to the weather, the parade will now be held in the underground parking area of the library. 

Pride Puppy!: Stevenson, Robin, McLaughlin, Julie: 9781459824843: Books - Amazon.ca

Picture credit: Check out Puppy Pride! by Robin Stevenson and Julie McLaughlin from the library.

More Pride can be found here for Kids and here for Parents and Teachers. More Pride events and resources can be found here. Check out some reviews by Sooke Library’s own staff unicorn.

Pet Guidelines:
• Your pet’s safety and comfort are your top priority. If your pet doesn’t do well or is reactive around other people, pets, or crowds, please leave them at home. You can dress up and carry a picture of your pet.
• Make sure your pet is always under control. Pets must be leashed or confined to a cage or carrier at this event.
• Bring supplies to clean up after your animal.
• Bring along water and treats for you and your pet.
• Use pet-friendly materials for your pet’s costume. No glitter or human hair dye please and no dangly bits that may look tasty.
• Have a dress rehearsal to make sure your pet is not bothered by the costume.
• Children under the age 12 of must be under supervision of a responsible adult.

People Guidelines:
• All participants must respect the VIRL Rules of Conduct. This event is intended to be a safe space for people of any gender, race, religion, spirituality, sex, orientation, presentation, shape, size, or ability. We’re here to celebrate love, diversity, and inclusivity.
• Strollers, wagons, and mobility scooters are welcome. Please leave other wheeled modes of travel at home for this event or locked up to the bike racks at the library.
• Pets are not required for participation. You may want to carry a picture of your pet or bring along a favourite stuffy.

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