Catalogue Tips

If your account details or the search limiters do not display properly please clear your browser history and cookies

The catalogue is your gateway to your next great read, binge-watch, research assignment, or whatever meets your fancy. Access the catalogue at this link or search it in the upper right corner of every page on this website.

You’ll need a library card to use the catalogue — here’s how to get one.

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How do I get email notifications

There are a few things customers can do themselves before having to contact the branch:

  • Log in to their online account and access My Account:
    • If the email displays incorrectly, they can update their email address
  • Add to their contact list
  • Check their junk mail and/or spam folders:

If none of these resolve the problem, contact the branch for assistance.

When will interlibrary loans be available?

Interlibrary loan service is now available!

Interlibrary loan requests may take 3 to 6 months or longer to be filled.   Longer than usual wait times are due to COVID-19 related disruptions in service at BC and Canadian library systems that fill our requests.

Searching the Catalogue

The Search Box is your entry point to the catalogue, and you can type in any of the following:

  • A word
  • A phrase
  • An author’s name
  • A title
  • Keywords describing a subject

TIP: Search for an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in quotation marks.

You’ll see a brief view of each item in your search results, including a summary and availability. Click on the cover or title to see more details.

Narrow down your search by using the sidebar on the left: You can filter by format, branch, publication date, language, and more.

Making a List of Stuff to Read/Watch/Listen To

You can create a temporary list or log in to permanently save your list. Here’s how to make a list of materials in the collection:

  • Click the shopping cart icon in the search result area
  • To move titles from your cart to your list, click My Cart (top right of the page)
  • Click the Save to List button
  • There will be an option to save the items to an existing list (in a dropdown menu) or to a new list. Be sure to click the Add (or Create) button to finish the process.

Your lists are found under your account when you log in:

  • Click on your name near the top right of the page
  • Click My Lists in the left-hand column.

Placing Holds and Freezing Holds

Items not available or available at a different branch location may be requested.

Simply click the “Request it” button beside the item details.

If you require the item by a specific date and do not wish to borrow the item at a later date, click “I have a deadline for this material” and you will then be able to choose a specific date that your request will be cancelled.

If you wish to suspend your holds into the future, access your holds list, click “Freeze” and save changes for the item(s) you wish to suspend. You will continue to move up the queue. Your request will not be filled until you deselect “Freeze” and save changes.

If an item is available in the branch for loan, you cannot place a freeze. You can, however, request that library staff suspend your hold to a specific date in the future.

Maintaining a History of Items Already Read/Watched/Listened to

To protect your privacy, we do not keep records of your borrowing without your direction to do so. If you want to maintain a borrowing history, follow these steps:

  • Log into My Account
  • Select Reading History
  • Click Save Reading History

When you enable the Reading History feature, the catalogue will gather a list of the titles you borrow from that point forward. The content on your Recently Returned page is visible only to you, and you can opt out of this feature at any time.

Having trouble viewing our catalogue with Chrome?

If things don’t look quite right in Chrome, try Firefox. However, sometimes it’s necessary to clear your browsing data in Chrome in order for the catalogue to display properly.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click the ellipses button–the customize and control Google Chrome button.
  3. Click More tools item from the drop down
  4. Click on the Clear browsing data item.
  5. At the top, choose a time range.
    1. To delete everything, select All time.
  6. Insure that Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files items are checked.
  7. Click Clear data button

Go to our Clearing Browser Cache page for more information

Local Author Collection

Have your title added to our collection by filling out this form for a staff member to have it added to our Local Reads collection.