Our Mission, Vision and Values


A thriving, connected, cohesive, and empowered region of island and coastal communities.

Mission Statement

We provide barrier-free, region-wide, and equitable access to a unique and critical blend of Collective Services that lift our communities.


Relationships with First Nations

We commit to implementing all relevant Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, and to becoming stronger allies and partners on our journey to a more promising and inclusive future. We recognize this is a multi-generational commitment that will inform and transcend this strategic plan.


We strive to make our Collective Services accessible to all.


Through our Collective Services, we strive to affirm, respect, and reflect the rich diversity of our coastal communities and the world around us.


We are an example of effective regional collaboration, and we value the power of partnerships. We know we can achieve more when we work together.


Equity is at the heart of our governance and service models and informs our approaches.

Community Connection

We create opportunities for connection and relationships within communities.

Intellectual Freedom and Privacy

We respect and protect the personal information we are entrusted with and support freedom of expression and the free exchange of information and ideas within the laws of Canada. VIRL endorses the Canadian Federation of Library Association’s position statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries.


Our Collective Services contribute significantly to livability within the region, drawing on economies of scale, administrative efficiency, and governance oversight.


We recognize the best work, learning, exploration, and growth happens in safe environments, and strive to offer safe workplaces, branches, and services within our complex operating environments.