Minimalist Reads

August 29, 2019

Minimalism is a popular buzz word right now.

People are looking at ways to make sense of a chaotic world and tiny homes, downsizing and simplicity are all ways to make this work.

Libraries have always been a support to those wanting to live with less.

  • You can borrow any book in the collection and return it without having to overfill your own shelves.
  • Many people have become eBook and audiobook enthusiasts to lighten their load, especially for convenience during commutes and travel.
  • It’s not just about books. You can read the latest newspapers and magazines without ever having to haul them out to the recycling bin.
  • Want to try the newest electronic toys? Borrow a Tinker Tote!
  • Don’t have room to add to the Lego collection at home, join us at the library for Lego clubs or playtime.
  • We have shelves full of puzzles and games that can be used with friends and family right here, no need to use your dining room table.
  • Use a computer, borrow a tool, design with a 3D printer…the possibilities are endless.

We have so many choices in our collection. It’s easy for you to to keep your space simple.

Whether you are on the minimalist path or not, this selection of titles may inspire you to make some small changes to create a bit of calm in your busy life!

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