Keeping things clear …

December 22, 2020

Mask + Glasses = Fog Up?

We have a solution for you! Try a handy anti-fog nose clip that attaches to 99.9% of all masks, 3D printed from the Creativity Commons. Printing costs $0.10/gram and we ship to all 39 VIRL branches.

  • To make an order, contact and provide:
    Your name
    Number of clips to print
    Preferred colour (subject to availability)
    Your preferred branch for delivery
    Your library card number
    Preferred contact (email or phone)

    If you’re interested in other 3D printing, contact for more information.

The Creativity Commons also has a new recorded STEAM craft series that you can view, among storytimes, babytimes, and reading recommendations from VIRL users on VIRL @ Home . Have a STEAM craft you are interested in seeing made? Email your suggestions to the Creativity Commons at