Inaugural Issue of Sea & Cedar Magazine Launches

August 16, 2021

Inaugural Issue of Sea & Cedar Magazine Launches at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Showcasing Local Artists and Writers

Nanaimo, BC – Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) is pleased to announce the highly anticipated inaugural issue of Sea & Cedar magazine is now available!

Sea & Cedar magazine is dedicated to showcasing exemplary new writing by both emerging and established writers, as well as highlighting the work of visual artists who are creating at all levels of experience in VIRL’s 42,000 sq. km. service area.

“We could not be happier to present this exciting collection of new writing and art—it is wonderfully representative of the great creative talent to be found all over our beautiful West Coast area,” says editor and Customer Service Librarian, April Ripley. “Our hope with this publication is that we help open up connections, foster discussion, and generate excitement about the work coming out of the strong, vibrant writing and art communities we are proud to support at Vancouver Island Regional Library.”

“Our goal is to provide a platform for a diverse range of voices to be heard, to support the many talented and innovative individuals creating literature and art in our communities, and to provide our readership with access to engaging and thought-provoking local content,” says April.

April adds that Sea & Cedar has helped fulfill one of the team’s core missions in connecting readers and writers, enhancing the support of the literary arts, and encouraging and supporting community members to act as content creators, and not just as consumers. Especially in light of some of the changes and effects produced by the global pandemic, this project has been an important innovative way for VIRL to continue achieving these goals.

“For writers, we are providing an opportunity to gain influence in their community, gain confidence to participate in the larger writing community, and raise their profile. Small magazines such as Sea & Cedar are more accessible in some ways than large magazines, especially to those with no prior publications or from underrepresented groups, and we can therefore hopefully seem more welcoming and less intimidating.”

Sea & Cedar is set to be published digitally twice a year, and possibly in print for future issues.

The magazine can be found here:

More information about the project, including how to submit for future issues, and access to helpful writing resources, can be found here:

Sea & Cedar Facebook Page

There is also a Sea & Cedar Facebook group that people can join, which will feature issue promotion, content sneak peeks, future calls for submission, and other writing-related content:


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