Five amazing things you can get with your library card

October 19, 2022

When you walk into a branch, the first thing you’ll see are shelves full of books, but that’s not the only thing you can access with your library card.  Libraries like ours have created world-class collections, with the latest digital resources and spaces – both physical and digital – that cater to a breath of passions, backgrounds, abilities and interest.

Here are just five amazing things you can check out with your library card:

1.Thermal imaging cameras: Borrow one of our thermal cameras. It attaches to your phone and allows you to take thermal photos to find energy waste, structural defects, plumbing clogs, water damage, HVAC issues and other problems. Place a hold here.

2. Book Club Sets: Borrow a set so your entire book club can get the same book, at the same time! Each set has up to 12 copies of one title and a discussion guide.  Find more information here.

3.Literacy Kits: These kits are a fun mix of resources, like books, CDs, DVDs and toys that are vetted by librarians and ready for families to explore. You can find a variety of themed bags on topics like wild animals and animals, for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. To view our entire selection, take a look in our online catalogue.

4.Multicultural Kits: These kits were inspired by a young Métis girl who wanted to read stories about her culture and background with her grandmother. Parents, caregivers and educators can engage with children through books, songs and games – all in their own language and about their own culture! Among the cultures featured in kits are Coast SalishMétisKorean and Arabic and many more.

5.STEAM Tinker Totes: Tinker Totes are kits that you can take home to explore the five aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Each kit comes in a backpack and can be borrowed for three weeks. Some of the Tinker Totes to choose from include: Code-a-Pillar, Handbells, KEVA Connect Planks, Magna-Tiles and Sensory Playtime. Click here to view our entire selection in our online catalogue.

You can find more amazing things to explore and borrow on our website ( or by visiting your local branch. If you don’t have a library card yet, what are you waiting for? Visit your local branch or get started online.