BC Libraries Present: Conversations on Climate

October 3, 2023

BC Libraries Present: Conversations on Climate: A series of compelling author talks presented virtually by BC’s Public Library Community

BC’s public libraries have come together to create a new virtual author series to bring new insights and voices to library users in every corner of British Columbia: BC Libraries Present. Public libraries are known as centres of dialogue on many important ideas in their communities. To build upon that role, Public Library InterLINK has brought together many libraries, both big and small, to host these events and provide access to award-winning authors to library users across the province.

In this inaugural season for this series, the topic is Conversations on Climate. Climate touches everyone’s lives, homes, jobs, and even their reading choices, it was a natural place to start. This series, starting in October will bring 3 compelling voices to present their recent climate-related works to a broad BC audience.

“BC Libraries Present: Conversations on Climate” are live-streamed events, follow the series on CrowdCast at: www.crowdcast.io/@bclibraries-present

October 3: Kim Stanley Robinson: Imagining a Better Climate Future

Amidst the urgency and anxiety of the climate crisis, speculative fiction can help us find hope by showing what an alternative, better future could look like. In The Ministry for the Future, Kim Stanley Robinson imagines a world ravaged by climate disaster, where humans find ways to change politics, technology, and the economy to win the fight against climate change.


November 8: John Vaillant:Our New Fire Weather

Fire has changed communities across BC this year. After the most devastating wildfire season in recorded history, many are wondering how these fires got so big, what we can learn from our current responses, and whether we are prepared for an ever warming future.

John Vaillant’s book Fire Weather has become a de-facto guide on the new dangers posed by these fires supercharged by a warming planet.


December 7: Brandi Morin: On the Frontlines of Indigenous Land Defence

Indigenous communities are on the frontlines of the most devastating climate catastrophes across the world. And they are also leading the most powerful movements to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry, major culprits of these disasters. Reporter Brandi Morin will share her experiences on what it’s like to report from protest movements, and how Indigenous activism is pushing towards a brighter climate future.


“BC Libraries Present” is a project of BC’s public library federations, coordinated by Public Library InterLink, with the generous financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.