Think It-Make It with 3D Printing

October 17, 2020

3D Printing Service Now Available for all VIRL Branches

At the Creativity Commons, there have been some great 3D prints being made for customers and now we’re opening this service to all 39 VIRL branches!

Send us a .STL file to with your branch details, preferred filament colour, and anything we might need to know about your file. Staff in the Creativity Commons will assess the file to ensure it fits within our 6-hour max printing window and connect with you about any issues. It’ll take 1-2 weeks for us to print your file, apply quarantine procedures, and ship to your branch for pickup. Printing costs $0.10/gram.

Once your file is ready, Creativity Commons staff will let you know when your print has shipped to your branch. Your local branch staff will then connect with you to arrange a pick-up.

Need more information about 3D printing?

  • Check out Tinkercad for a simple 3D design
  • Use open-source Blender for all your 3D creation needs
  • Download user-created 3D design files from Thingiverse
  • Contact us at for help or questions about 3D printing