Support for everyone impacted by residential schools

July 9, 2021

At Vancouver Island Regional Library, we stand in support of everyone who has been impacted by residential schools.

We are committed to advancing our work in support of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We are committed to ensuring that we offer opportunities for dialogue and mutual learning by bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians together through our programming, collections, resources, and spaces. We are committed to doing more to support healing and recovery for Indigenous communities in our service area.

We invite everyone to review and take advantage of the Indigenous-focused resources available in our collection. If possible, we encourage you to visit the Harbourfront branch in Nanaimo where a reproduction of the Witness Blanket is on display until the end of September. We will continue to include Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers, and artists to lead conversations and learning opportunities for everyone.