Summer craft ideas with CreativeBug!

June 3, 2022

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It’s been a long wait for summer, and what better way to get in the summer spirit than with some fabulous summer crafts?

CreativeBug is a free library eResource with thousands of online video courses on crafts for different ages and skill levels, from crochet to food, jewelry and projects for kids. We’ve pulled together some great ideas to get you started for the summer, from cool outfits for hot days to backyard décor, bags and book art.


Here are 10 great ideas for summer crafts from CreativeBug:


  1. Endless Summer Tunic
  2. Clothes for little ones
  3. No Sew Party Decor
  4. Mesh market bags
  5. Sewn totes
  6. Weekend bag
  7. Daily Painting Challenge: Flowers, Fruits, and the Natural World
  8. 31 Creative Lettering Ideas with Pam Garrison
  9. A Month of Book Art Ideas
  10. Daily Practices to get you practicing a specific craft every day for a month.

Happy crafting!