Our social platforms are spaces where you can engage and connect with our team, get the latest library news, share your insights, and have healthy discussions. We LOVE hearing from you and want to create an online space that offers the same safe and positive experience you can find in our branches.

As part of that effort, we reserve the right to remove content or comments we deem unproductive or inappropriate, including content that:

  • Contains profanity, vulgar language, abuse, insults, and threats
  •  Involves bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • Contains hate speech or discrimination
  • Contains spam or promotions, such as unsolicited material and advertising or repetitive comments
  • Unlawful content (i.e., infringes on copyright law or licensing agreements) and content that promotes illegal activity
  • Contains misinformation, rumours or inaccuracies and information that is off topic or irrelevant
  • Violates the privacy of another social media user
  • Contains inflammatory language and trolling (defined as: to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content)

We will let users know when we have removed a comment. If someone persists with commentary that goes against our social media terms of use, we may act to temporarily prevent that person from commenting on our page(s).

If you disagree with a decision, you may contact Communications at Communications@virl.bc.ca

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