March 8 — April 5, 2021

VIRL is going old-school: Relive the simplicity of childhood library programs with our Spring Break Teen Reading Club!

Simply read* books and email us at to let us know what you read. That’s it! Each book read = one draw slip = one chance to win a fun prize!

You can also earn extra draw slips by doing the optional Bonus Tasks™:

  1. Read a book nominated for the Young Reader’s Choice Awards.
  2. “Read” a wordless graphic novel or story without words. Type “wordless graphic novel” into VIRL’s catalogue search box or “stories without words” to find one in our collection.
  3. Reread a book you loved as a child.
  4. Check out an ebook or audiobook using our digital Overdrive collection or TeenBookCloud collection.
  5. Read a book set in a country you’d like to visit someday.

Need help finding what to read? Check out our Librarian Picks!

*Audiobooks are books, and listening to them counts as reading – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! We are librarians, and we know.