RBDigital Audiobooks FAQ

December 16, 2020

This summer, OverDrive announced their acquirement of the assets of RBmedia’s library business including the RBdigital platform in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Effective December 17, all RBdigital audiobooks will be migrating to OverDrive.

Why is this happening?

This was not a decision made by the library.  OverDrive has purchased RBdigital.  While RBdigital will continue as an audiobook publisher, the company is phasing out its online platform.

What will happen when customers go into RBdigital to download an audiobook?

The customer will be redirected to OverDrive from the RBdigital item record. There will also be informational banners at the top of the RBdigital page.

What will happen to RBdigital MARC records in Encore?

These records will be updated to direct customers to the same item in OverDrive.

Will there be a limit to the number of RBdigital titles customers can borrow in OverDrive?

The limit will be the overall OverDrive borrowing limit of 10 checked-out items and 10 holds at a time. There is no monthly cap to the number or titles a customer can borrow.

Will there be longer wait times for the RBdigital audiobooks in OverDrive?

RBdigital materials are a mixture of simultaneous use (many customers can have items checked out at the same time) and one copy/one user (customer must place a hold if another has it checked out). They will retain these same borrowing models in OverDrive for 2021. This means that all simultaneous use items from RBdigital will continue to be simultaneous use in OverDrive—no waits for these items.

What about customers who use the RBdigital app?

These customers should download the Libby app to access the same items in OverDrive.

What will happen to RBdigital magazines?

RBdigital magazines are still available on the RBdigital platform. They will be moved to OverDrive in the first few months of 2021.

What will happen to Acorn TV and IndieFlix?

Acorn TV and IndieFlix will continue to be accessed through the RBdigital platform. Stay tuned for more information in spring 2021.

What will happen to the RBdigital platform?

The platform will remain active until all items are moved. It will direct customers to OverDrive starting in late December for audiobooks and starting early in 2021 for magazines. We don’t know yet how Acorn TV and IndieFlix will be accessed in the long term, but we will not be losing access to these services.