Paper & Ink – A Library Fan

December 16, 2019

This beautiful tattoo was spotted on Instagram and we just had to learn the story behind it! 


We tracked down Port Alberni resident,  Emily Sarkany, through her talented tattoo artist Kirsten @kirsten.tattoos. “I love books and reading and am thinking about becoming a library tech, so naturally I love libraries. I wanted a book-oriented tattoo for a long time but I couldn’t decide what to get and eventually figured a library card would cover all the bases. It was Kirsten’s idea to include the VI library card specifically, so I could have a piece of home with me!”


She shared “Libraries have so much to offer everyone and I find them to be really cozy, happy places. Not to mention how beautiful some of them are. I went to the Ervin Szabo Library in Budapest a couple of months ago and was blown away.  As a young kid, I had a lot of Berenstain Bear and Little Critter books, then later the Wayside School series and Goosebumps as well. Now, my favourite book is Catcher In The Rye — I have two copies, one for reading in the bathtub and one for reading on dry land. They do say a lot of psychos are drawn to that book too, which is not very endearing.”


You can follow Emily on Instagram here to experience more of her book love photos! Thank you for letting us share your story Emily and for immortalizing the VIRL card in your tattoo. We are honoured!