Use of Library Space

VIRL allows for the use of buildings by individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses whose conduct abides by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the BC Human Rights Code.

Meeting Rooms are generally available for use during library open hours, depending upon the availability of library staff. Activities taking place in a library meeting room must not interfere with library operations. They are to be contained to the meeting room and not flow into other areas of the library. Selling and soliciting by the public shall not be permitted in the libraries, on library property, or at library sponsored events, without the permission of the Executive Director.

Library facilities are available to all members of the public provided that they conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, as stated and posted in the VIRL Rules of Conduct.

Permission to use VIRL facilities does not imply any endorsement of the aims, policies, or activities of any group or individual.

Book a Room

Meeting Room Locations

Meeting rooms may be available for community programs, meetings, and/or rental at branches with meeting rooms available. Branches where meeting rooms may be made available for community use and/or rental include:

  • Campbell River Library Branch (Maximum Occupancy: 60)
  • Courtenay Library Branch (Maximum Occupancy: 30)
  • Cowichan Library Branch (Maximum Occupancy: 62)
  • Nanaimo Harbourfront Large Meeting Room (Maximum Occupancy: 80)
  • Nanaimo Harbourfront Small Meeting Room (Maximum Occupancy: 6)
  • Nanaimo North Meeting Room (Maximum Occupancy: 52)
  • Kitchenette available upon request.
  • Nanaimo North Study Room 2 (Maximum Occupancy: 8)
  • Nanaimo North Board Room (Maximum Occupancy: 16)
  • Nanaimo Wellington Study Room (Maximum Occupancy: 5)

Library Meeting Room Purpose

  • The primary purpose of the space is to support library programming.
  • The secondary purpose is to provide space for Community/Not-For-Profit groups.
  • Renting space for For-Profit organizations is only a tertiary purpose.
  • These rooms are not intended to provide space for for-profit tutoring use. Paid tutors may book the room as per the below stipulations if they wish to pay the $30/hour for-profit fee.

Conditions of Use

  • VIRL does not provide storage facilities. Property of any kind brought onto the premises by the applicant, guests, or attendees shall be promptly removed from the premises after use of the meeting room.
  • In accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act, any films shown or viewed must have Public Performance Rights. Please confirm with the Library Manager that your group or VIRL has the Public Performance Rights before showing films. The library assumes no responsibility if a film is shown illegally.
  • Organizations must use their own names when advertising meetings held in library facilities, making it clear that the library is not the sponsor of the event.
  • Organizations or individuals who use library facilities and/or equipment are responsible for any damages incurred.
  • If applicable, charges must be paid at the time of booking. There will be no refunds of charges for cancellations of less than seventy-two (72) hours’ notice. Bookings will be tentative until receipt of payment.
  • People using a meeting room are responsible for the set-up and arrangement of the room, except for the IT needs. VIRL will provide tables and chairs for use in the meeting rooms. The facilities shall be returned to the same condition as found.
  • If available at the branch, library kitchenettes must be requested at the time of booking. Alcoholic beverages may not be dispensed or consumed on library property.
  • No dishes or utensils are provided.
  • Meeting room facilities are not available on days that the library is closed to the public.
  • VIRL reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation.

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