Share Your Love for the Library

February 10, 2023

It’s Library Lovers Month! We thought it would be nice to create a space where we can all share our love for library teams and libraries everywhere.

Please take a quick moment to share your experiences and memories of the library and what it means to you. 

Thank you for sharing the love!

Love Library Feedback

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Libraries are the heart of the community and the Cumberland library is the heart of the village! When I moved to Cumberland 30 years ago I went in to the local branch at the old location and ordered my VIRL library card even before I changed my driver’s license! Decades if wonderful staff, suggestions, community outreach and joy of reading. It doesn’t get any better. – Dawn Copeman

“I so appreciate my library family…when I’m feeling down they lift me up, when I have something to celebrate they are right there celebrating with me. The library is such a safe haven for all and a place to go and satisfy my need to have books all around me without breaking the bank!” – appreciative co-worker

“My kids and I are at the library at least once a week and have nothing but positive things to say. From the friendly and helpful staff to the never ending choices of books. My kids love the take home crafts and I love the request system so I can pick up books on my TBR. I am awed and inspired by the patience and acceptance of the staff at this branch as there are many vulnerable visitors. I’ve witnessed many stressful situations handled with kindness and composure and hope they are recognized for this. We love our library” – Carly Nanaimo/Harbourfront

“Thank you for making our local library such a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for all that you do for the kids of the community, and thank you for helping me with the technical stuff, like using the printer, haha.” – Dejah/Masset

“As a small child in a small town, a librarian was the first person who ever made me feel special. She put stars on my card because I rode across town on my bike every day, checked out the limit of books (3), and brought them back read the next day. “You are the only one allowed to check out all the books you want”, she said. Ever since that day (I am 70 now), I have loved librarians and libraries. I’ve served on boards to raise funds gladly and love the truly wonderful library staff at North Nanaimo branch. They are so terrific and do all they can to spread the love of reading to our community. Thank you so very much!” – North Nanaimo

“What’s not to love about our library??? We have a great selection of books, even more services online, and friendly, rooms we can use for community meetings, and helpful staff. Hat off to you, ladies and gents. You are so valued!!!” – North Nanaimo

“I appreciate all of you more than you can imagine. The staff at Nellie McClung are my faves, of course. Thank you for all you do and for your dedication to reading and readers.” – Diane/Nellie McClung, Victoria

“Our local librarians at the Sidney branch always welcome us with a smile. They always remember our kids, even though it has been years since we participated in the story time circles. Profoundly grateful to have such amazing people to inspire my girls (including a ten year old who has now set her eyes on becoming a librarian just like them!)” – Kristin/Sidney

“My daughters and I LOVE coming to the library and really enjoy the displays, DIY craft kits, and fresh selection of books each week. Thank you for making the library a fun and safe space for families!” -April/Wellington

“So much love and gratitude for the Quadra Library Staff: Barb, Lisa & Tracy for being a safe haven, a warm landing, a nurturing place to learn. You all make this space what it is, and we are all richer for each of you bringing all that you do to our community. You all always go above and beyond, always considering each person’s needs and anticipating what they might need or want. You all make the library so much more than resources. A place where everyone is truly welcomed, whole-heartedly and compassionately.” – Quadra Island