Hey Book Lover, What’s Your Sign?

April 3, 2023

Every month we share picks based on your Horoscope!


Astronomers describe those born between March 21 and April 19 as adventurous, outdoorsy and lovers of a challenge!  They predict great luck financially and opportunities for new experiences that will boost your energy, optimism and confidence.  Horoscopes also predict the fading out of old relationships and the welcoming in of new ones. We’ve put together reading suggestions just for you! 

 Aries: Those born between March 21 and April 19

Future: The river / Peter Heller Two long-time friends who love the outdoors plan a canoe trip on the Maskwa River in northern Canada.  The idyllic relaxing trip they anticipate becomes a harrowing test of their survival skills when they observe the disappearance of a woman.  Heller is an experienced outdoorsman, and it shows in the telling of this engaging adventure story!

Fortune: The inheritance games / Jennifer Lynn  Young Avery Grambs suddenly inherits billions from an absolute stranger and has no idea why she was the chosen heir – especially when there are four grandsons who expected to inherit the gigantic fortune.  The will dictates that Avery must live with these embittered but fascinating young men in the deceased billionaire’s mansion – will she be able to endure this trial and hang on to the fortune?

Love: Pineapple Street / Jenny Jackson  Ever wonder what it would be like to live the life of a one-percenter?  Jackson’s New York Times bestselling story about three women joined through marriage into an old-money New York family offers an escape into such a world.  Is it possible for these women to find love, happiness, and fulfillment outside of the only way of life they have ever known?

Number:  1

Horoscopes predict that 2023 is a fresh beginning for you Pisces!  Astronomers say this is a great year for new relationships and new career moves.  You may also have new found wealth and earnings which allow you to treat yourself and loved ones. To celebrate a great year ahead, we’ve picked some titles that’ll be sure to have you hooked! 

Pisces: Those born between February 19 and March 20.

Future: Mad honey: a novel / Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan   A single mother and a promising high school student are both starting a new life in a cozy New Hampshire town.  Both have high hopes for a bright new future but a startling tragedy reminds them that it’s harder to leave the past behind than they imagined.

Fortune: Billion dollar whale : the man who fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the world / Tom Wright & Bradley Hope  A true story and an international bestseller about a mild-mannered business school graduate who stole billions of investment dollars with the help of financial giant Goldman Sachs for over a decade using the money to finance elections, buy luxury real estate, and produce Hollywood films.

Love: You made a fool of death with your beauty / Akwaeke Emezi  It’s been five years since Feyi Adekola lost the love of her life and she’s almost a new person now — an artist with her own studio, and sharing a brownstone apartment with her best friend – when a steamy encounter at a rooftop party cascades into a whirlwind summer romance.

Number: 3

Welcome to 2023 Aquarius! Horoscopes predict loads of happiness for you in 2023 and that you may feel a boost in your health and well-being after a tough couple of years. Your financial world looks bright as well with possible successes in the real estate market. Here are some titles we think you’ll enjoy:

Aquarius: Those born between January 20 and February 18.

Future: Our missing hearts : a novel / Celeste Ng. A boy searches for his mother in dystopian New York.  A new “American culture” has led to the displacement of children and the removal of books from public libraries deemed subversive.  

Fortune: The sultan of Sarawak / Ian Hamilton Detective Ava Lee is in Malaysia investigating a case of illegal real estate shenanigans causing the destruction of the island’s precious rainforests.  Lee is determined to find justice for the indigenous peoples of the rainforest and to stop the unethical money-grabbing of a powerful ruling family.

Love: The paper palace / Miranda Cowley HellerA #1 New York Times bestseller, this is a story about first loves and family secrets set in the ultimate summer setting of Cape Cod. Does young romantic love have to remain an ideal to be overruled by the complicated realities of adulthood?  Over 24 hours, a responsible middle-aged mother and wife will have to decide…

Number:  8


Capricorn, this is predicted to be a year of big changes and great luck with finances.  Your positive attutude and strong character will help you make the right decisions. In that spirit, here are a few titles we’re sure will float your goat.

Capricorn: Those who are born between December 22 and January 19.

Future: The change / Kirsten Miller Three women in midlife find they are suddenly endowed with psychic powers at a time in their life when change is most needed.  Thanks to their new powers, they discover and solve a tragic mystery which leads to the revelation of an ongoing evil in their community.

Fortune: The candy house / Jennifer Egan Included in a number of Top Ten lists including The New York Times, Egan’s latest bestseller combines themes of the desire for love and connectivity with futuristic technology.  If you could share your every memory in exchange for the memories of others, would the intimacy of such an act outweigh the loss of privacy?

Love: Dreamland / Nicholas Sparks In the course of a single week, three people make life-altering decisions to better their lives, but will they be able to escape their pasts – a necessary step if their decisions are to succeed.

Number: 8

Hey Sagittarius! This is your month and we have some great picks to satisfy your thirst for knowledge and adventure. 

Sagittarius: Those who are born between November 22 and December 21.

Future: Ten years a nomad: a traveler’s journey home / Matthew Kepnes | This book will appeal to your explorer spirit with stories from one man’s experience of travelling after he quit his 9-5 job. But beware! It could spark wanderlust.

FortuneQuit like a millionaire : no gimmicks, luck, or trust fund required / Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung | Satisfy your love of knowledge and adventure with this guide to growing your wealth, retiring early and living life on your own terms.

LoveLove Understood: The Science of Who, Why, and How We Love / Laura Mucha | Benefit from Mucha’s ten years of interviewing strangers about love and learn the science behind who, why and how we love, as you reconnect with loved ones and form new connections in the waning pandemic.


Hey Scorpios, these reading suggestions are just for you! We’ve pulled together books to help ease your anxieties, inspire you to lay low and work hard, and keep you company as you search for love.  Finally, your lucky number 9 led us to suggest the hot new thriller, The couple at number 9 by Claire Douglas about a decades-old multiple murder that depends on the memories of a grandmother suffering from Alzheimers.

Scorpio:  Those born between October 24 and November 22.

Future: Destination simple: everyday rituals for a slower life l/ Brooke McAlary Horoscope forecasters predict that anxieties may hit a high point in 2022 for Scorpios.  McAlary’s book is the perfect antidote!  Learn how to slow your life down, simplify and focus only on the most important things in life.

Fortune: The book of lost friends: a novel / Lisa Wingate Prophets suggest it would be best for Scorpios to put their heads down and work hard this year just like newly-trained teacher Benedetta Silva who works at a poor rural school in Louisiana in order to pay off her student debt.  Inspiration comes into her life in the form of a hidden book about three women finding their way, and their loved ones, at the end of the Civil War.

Love: Reminders of him: a novel / Colleen Hoover  Astrologers claim that your love life only gets better as 2022 progresses so hopefully things are looking up by now Scorpio!  We think you’ll sympathize with Kenna Rowan as she struggles to bring love back into her life after a stint in prison, especially the love of a very young daughter and a new-found friend.

Lucky Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 9

Hey Libras. Good news! Horoscope forecasters suggest a knack for experimenting will help you professionally and personally. Check out these titles we’ve picked to tie in with your year of opportunity and growth. 

Libra: Those born between September 23 and October 23

Future: The sun collective / Charles Baxter  Told from the point of view of five middle class Americans, this 2020 political fiction novel by National Book Award finalist Charles Baxter is about people desperately looking to calm their anxieties in all the wrong ways.

Fortune: Nobody, somebody, anybody: a novel / Kelly McClorey Working as a hotel maid, Amy’s life is extremely isolating and unfulfilling.  To ease her anxieties, she tries an experimental solution.  Will she succeed in attaining the life of contentment that she craves?

Love: Seven days in June / Tia WilliamsHoroscopes predict that your love life may require a bit of effort and experimentation to succeed Libras so read how Eva Mercy, a Black/single mom/erotica writer reconnects with a long lost love after years of secret messaging and a lot of soul searching.

Lucky Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 3

Horoscope forecasters predict this is a year of opportunities and good luck in all aspects of your life Virgos BUT hard work, confidence, and courage are required of you to be successful in these opportunities.

Here are some reading suggestions that should mesh with how things are going for you so far this year.

Virgo:Those born between August 23 and September 22

Future: His & Hers / Alice Feeney This is a year full of opportunities for you Virgo just like Anna, the heroine in this mystery, who must solve a murder in order to keep the dream job she has just recently won.  The story is told from Anna’s, the detective’s, and the murderer’s perspective and keeps you guessing until the end.

Fortune: The Inheritance / Charles Finch  Your good luck this year extends to money matters Virgo so we think you’ll enjoy this mystery about two men who mysteriously receive two generous bequests from an anonymous benefactor.  When one of the men disappear, it seems the bequests may not have been made with the best of intentions.

Love: A Play for the End of the World / Jai Chakrabarti As one of the most fortunate star signs this year Virgo, you will appreciate the extremely good fortune of Jaryk who against all odds escapes from a train to the death camps of World War 2.  You will rejoice as he builds a wonderful life from his inauspicious beginnings.

Lucky Number:

One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 6.

Many horoscope forecasts suggest this is a pleasant year for Leos who may be successfully leading a healthy balanced lifestyle and experiencing the many rewards resulting from careful planning and considerate decision making.

These reading suggestions hopefully strike a cord with how things are going for you so far this year Leo!

Leo: Those born between July 23 and August 22

Future: In Five Years: a novel / Rebecca Serle It is predicted that big decisions may need to be made this year and making good ones could be extremely rewarding!  In this New York Times bestseller, an ambitious lawyer makes some big decisions about her career and love life only to get a glimpse of the future that forces her to think twice. Five is also one of your lucky numbers this year!

Fortune: Convenience store woman / Sayaka Murata ; translated by Ginny Tapley Takemori Horoscopes suggest you love to spend money Leo!  So, spend some time with Keiko who not only loves the store she works in but builds her entire life around it to the exclusion of any other interests with the interesting result of a happy life – albeit odd!

Love:  A Single Thread / Tracy Chevalier   Astrologers forecast some good luck for single Leos looking for love.  In other words, there is a good chance you will not end up as a “surplus woman” – what single women were called after WWI when men were in short supply.  Try another of Chevalier’s fantastic historical novels about a surplus woman who discovers a longed-for feeling of community with a group of women connected in an unexpected way to the famous Winchester Cathedral.

Lucky Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 5

Summer is here much to the great delight of most of you born under the Cancer sign. Many horoscopes suggest this is the time of year when calm and quiet comes into your lives – enjoy! Innovation, creativity, good luck and new direction are key words that define this year for you. 

Cancer:  Those born between June 22 and July 22.

Future: Lost in September / Kathleen Winter   It is predicted that September will be a very lucky month for you!  Enjoy Canadian author Kathleen Winter’s historical and biographical story of General James Wolfe who, just as he was to go on leave to fulfill his personal passion for the arts, Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar causing September 3 to 13 to be erased from time.  Winter imagines how those 11 days might have been experienced by Wolfe, but in a very different time and place.

Fortune: What are you going through / Sigrid Nunez  Horoscopes suggest you are a very gifted listener and empathizer, which may lead you to great success should you use these skills in your work.  In this New York Times and National bestseller, Nunez’s narrator begins as a passive listener for several acquaintances who demand that their woes be heard until one of them suddenly asks for an astonishing favor.

Love: Seven days in June / Tia Williams Astrologers agree that people born under the sign of the crab thrive when they are in love!  This year coincidence, serendipity and pure chance may work in favor of your love life Cancer.  In Williams’s bestselling book, chance meetings, secret messages and unexpected appearances all lead to an offbeat romance between two people whom only a very determined fate could bring together.  Named Best Romance Book of 2021 by The Washington Post.

Lucky Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 9

Signs point to a year of success for you with the loving support of family, Gemini. You should have good luck in love, in fact, marriage could be in the cards! Business also looks good, but there may be more than the usual expenses, so it’s time to look at curbing those costs. One way to do that is to indulge in the fantastic free books from your local library, including the ones we’ve chosen for you below. 

Gemini:  Those who were born between May 21 and June 21.

Future: The Vacationers / Emma Straub It is predicted that family will play an important role in your life this year Gemini so enjoy this story about an extended family who go on holiday together.  With humour and emotion, Straub reminds us of the tremendous bonds that exist between family members – bonds strong enough to withstand the hurtful things we sometimes do to each other.

Fortune: Refund: stories / Karen E. Bender  This National Book Award-finalist collection of short stories has the common theme throughout of the value and worth of money….and the much more important things in life!  Horoscopes predict that you may experience more than the usual outflow of money this year Gemini but these stories will remind you that it’s only money

Love: The Love Hypothesis / Ali Hazelwood Horoscopes predict that this is a great year for your love life Gemini!  Separations may end; relationships could lead to marriage…it’s all good!!  Hazelwood creates the most unlikely successful love story in The Love Hypothesis – there is NO WAY the couple in this story should succeed in love, but guess what, they do!

Lucky Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 1

All signs point to a year of great adventure for you Taurus!  You will make great plans and by sticking to them will succeed in many aspects of your life.  Your career will shine all year and you are feeling ambitious – go with it, but don’t forget to get some rest now and then. 

Taurus: Those who are born between April 21 and May 20.

Future:  The Courage to be Disliked /  Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga/ You may ignore the mental and physical exhaustion that is plaguing you this year Taurus, to the peril of your health.  This Japanese bestselling book claims to relieve your mental load by unburdening your mind from external and past pressures that tend to inhibit us from living a happy life.  Told as a series of conversations between a teacher and student and based on the psychology of Alfred Adler, this book is an accessible read that will leave you feeling mentally lighter and hopeful.

Fortune:  The Swans of Fifth Avenue / Melanie Benjamin/ Based on the lives of New York aristocrat Babe Paley and author Truman Capote, this thoroughly-researched novel is a satisfying glimpse into the 1950’s world of the Upper East Side elite whose antics are more entertaining than anything a writer could possibly make up!  This is a great money year for you Taurus; enjoy the fruits of your investments by following (but maybe not too closely!) the lead of Benjamin’s characters.

Love:  Less: a novel /  Andrew Sean Greer/ In order to avoid the wedding of an ex-boyfriend, writer Arthur Less decides to attend every literary event around the world that he has been invited to.  Like you, Taurus, Arthur Less may have recently been unlucky in love, but things are definitely looking up by the end of the story.  This Pulitzer-prize winning novel is a lighthearted look at relationships, aging and romantic love that will make you laugh and look at the bright side of life’s complications.

Lucky Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 7


This is a year of spontaneous adventure, a fiery love life, innovative money-making ventures and care for your emotional well being. Be the first to dive into these great titles picked especially for you Aries. 

Aries: Those who are born between March 20 and April 21.

Future: The Humans / Matt Haig / Focusing on your emotional well-being is a priority for you this year Aries and this wonderfully funny and surprising book by Matt Haig will help with that!  When an extraterrestrial being is sent to earth he is initially horrified by our dysfunctional ways.  As he gets to know us and helps a human with his emotional distress, he realizes that we may just have a lot going for us as a species after all!

Fortune: The Farm / Joanne Ramos / You may be enticed by some out-of-the-box ways to make money this year Aries but we hope you won’t go as far as the businesswoman in The Farm.  Harvard Business School graduate, Mae Yu, comes up with the idea of a human baby farm of sorts by creating a luxurious resort (farm) where mostly nonwhite and poor immigrant women are pampered and paid well to have babies for wealthy white New Yorkers.  A dystopian, ethically complicated, and utterly absorbing novel!

Love: What the Wind Knows / Amy Harmon / A fiery love life may be in your future Aries and what could be more fiery than falling in love after time travelling back into the middle of Ireland’s battle for Independence in 1921.  If you like time travel, romance, and historical fiction you will love this book!

Number: One of your lucky numbers for 2022 is the number 2!

2022 is your year Aquarius!  Horoscope forecasters suggest that well-deserved rest, recognition and financial gain are in your future! Here are some titles that should fit your mood:

Aquarius: Those who are born between January 20 and February 18.

Future:  Where the Forest Meets the Stars / Glendy Vanderah / Like all of you hard-working Aquarius folks, bird researcher Jo Teale finds her persistence and dedication to her work leads to well-deserved positive changes in her life when a mysteriously gifted child appears at her door.

Fortune: The Summer Country / Lauren Willig / Your past efforts will lead to great rewards this year Aquarius!  In this historical novel an unexpected inheritance couldn’t happen to a more deserving heroine.  Dive into this intriguing story and escape to sunny Barbados.

Love:  Hana Khan Carries On / Uzma Jalaluddin / In this bestselling romance, ambitious Hana Khan juggles multiple career goals (sound familiar all you determined Aquarians!) while trying to resist the charms of a rival businessman in this humorous story set in Toronto.

Number: 4