Naxos Sheet Music

Most of our customers know that the library offers recorded music on CDs and through our Naxos and Freegal eResources. But did you know that you can also download and print sheet music in the library using our Naxos Sheet Music service?

Naxos Sheet Music is a fantastic resource for musicians. While mainly focused on classical music, Naxos Sheet Music also contains sheet music for all genres and popular instruments. Whether you are working on a solo piece for piano or guitar or looking for scores for your brass band or string quartet, you’ll find many exciting options.

Naxos Sheet Music can be browsed by instrument or genre or use the search function to find a specific piece of music—there are thousands of them available. It also includes software for transposing sheet music and digitized mp3 previews to listen to.

Sheet music can be printed from library computers for our regular printing cost of $0.25 per page.

Due to our licensing agreement, Naxos Sheet Music is only available to access in library branches. The service is not accessible from outside of the library.