Fix It with Auto Repair Source and Small Engine Repair Center

Home mechanics know all about the challenges of finding good instructions to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape.  While print repair manuals can be difficult to find and some are no longer being published, the library offers repair materials in our electronic collections.

Auto Repair Source is a fantastic resource which includes shop manuals and parts lists for many makes and models of23 vehicles going back to 1974.  Some newer models only include maintenance schedules.   For beginners, it includes instructions for jobs as simple as replacing bulbs, while experienced mechanics will find information to help diagnose and repair a variety of problems.

For those with smaller engines to repair, Small Engine Repair Center offers specifications and repair instructions for small engines.  This includes engines found in vehicles such as tractors, motorcycles, boats, and ATVs, as well as outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers and chain saws.

Instructions from both resources can be read directly off your computer or mobile device, or can be easily printed to take into your garage with you.  Don’t have a computer or printer at home?  Our helpful staff in your local branch can help you make printouts.