Let’s Get Digital…Magazines!

by Nikky McCarvill

Imagine having your choice of thousands of magazines and newspapers all at the same time? If you have a VIRL library card and a mobile device, imagine no more! Our digital magazines and newspapers are electronic versions of the “real” thing; they provide images of print magazine or newspaper pages in an easy-to-use interface.  Both current issues and back issues are available to be checked out with your library card via your computer’s internet browser or apps for Android tablets and iPad.  They can also be downloaded to read later when you aren’t online.  Digital magazines also have the benefit of being easier to see than traditional magazines; you can zoom in to make text larger or increase brightness when reading in dim lighting.

We’re going to keep populating this page with tips and tricks to help you take advantage of all we have to offer. Are you ready? Let’s get digital!

How to Check Out Digital Periodicals

Ready to start reading?  You can download the Libby (OverDrive) at the App Store or Google Play. You will need your library card and pin number to sign in.

Don’t have a card?  You can sign up for an electronic card that provides access to these and other eResources here: https://virl.bc.ca/get-help/get-a-card/

Don’t use a mobile device?  You can also access all of our digital periodicals through our website at https://virl.bc.ca/.

Need help getting started?  Your local branch staff are happy to assist.