BC Historical Newspapers

We are excited to have a new offering in our electronic collection: Proquest BC Historical Newspapers. This archive of British Columbia daily newspapers includes:

  • The Times-Colonist (1884-2010)
  • The Province (1894-2010)
  • The Vancouver Sun (1912-2010)

This resource is available without a library card to anyone accessing from BC and Yukon; no login is required. The database includes articles, images, and even ads; the entire newspaper page has been digitized to provide a similar experience to reading a print newspaper. Yet unlike a print newspaper it is fully searchable. Customers can search one resource at a time, or can search all three by clicking on the “All Databases” tab.

This collection is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the history of BC, including students and teachers, genealogists and family history buffs, and professional historians and researchers. Making these materials available digitally was a province-wide collaboration between the library members of BC Libraries Coop, BC Electronic Libraries Network, and Focused Education Resources.

For current issues and recent back issues of these publications available electronically, please access through our digital newspaper collections in PressReader (best for browsing/reading) and Canadian Newsstream (best for searching/printing).