Library Card Holders Catch Up on Canadian News Through PressReader

In the wake of tech company Meta blocking Canadian news in response to a new law in Canada that requires tech companies to pay news outlets for using their content, news-readers in our coastal communities may be seeking alternative sources.

That resource is at your finger tips, with a library card.

Available through Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL), PressReader is a great resource for Canadian News, with major Canadian daily newspapers from across BC and Canada.

New to the service, PressReader now features a unique news feed function under its “For You” tab that includes the day’s biggest Canadian and International news stories in an easily scrollable format.

Library card holders can also customize the news feed to include more of the news that interests them the most, like:

  • Adding additional “interests” to increase the focus on Canadian news, or other areas of interest.
  • Browsing by section (Business, Sports, Arts, etc.) to get news in a specific area.
  • Adding “Publications” to include more content from your favourite news sources.

For CBC content that is curated to Vancouver Island readers, you may also want to check out our CBC Corner site.

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