Fun 3D printer designs

June 30, 2022

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Are you new to 3D printing? We’ve pulled together great designs from Thingiverse so you can give 3D printing a try, but don’t be afraid to create your own too. We have resources and tutorials to help!

When you have your design, send the .stl file to the Creativity Commons in Nanaimo ( and our team will print it and send it to your local branch for pick up.

*Please note, you will need a library card and a printing fee of $.10 per gram of filament will be charged for each print job. More details here.*


Five fun and easy 3D designs:

  1. Millipede toy
  2. Fidget cube
  3. Spinning Tops Orbital Series
  4. Minisaur toy
  5. Fidget spinner 


Ready to try your own design? Start with a sandcastle mould for our Summer Sandcastle 3D Print Challenge. Enter the contest and you could win a free copy of your mould. The contest runs until July 31 and is open to VIRL cardholders of all ages. Find out more here.