Author Reading

Alan Lehmann, a visiting author from Terrace, BC, will be speaking about his three novels: Hamlet: The Novel, Inca Sunset, and Denver Aquarius. Hamlet is a novelization in modern language of the famous Shakespeare play. Inca Sunset stems from the author’s fascination with the Inca culture of Peru as it existed both before and shortly after the Spanish invasion by Francisco Pizarro in 1532. Eden Robinson has called Inca Sunset “a lovingly detailed, world-building adventure.” Denver Aquarius is a picaresque, coming-of-age novel about a young man from Saskatchewan who suffers free-floating anxiety and who seeks psychological help at an avant-garde psychologist’s clinic in Denver, Colorado.

Although each of Lehmann’s books are quite distinct in character, they all feature the commonality of young men finding their way in the world. He will be reading from each book, as well as discussing the books’ backgrounds in more detail.

Copies of each novel will be for sale for $30.


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