• Date: Saturday, August 14, 2021
  • Time:
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
  • Branch: All
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Native Plants for the Urban Landscape

In this seminar we will take an in-depth look at some of our beautiful native plants, their growing needs, and their uses in the home garden.

Many native are useful for borders along garden beds, planted as an under-storey and they can be useful as feature shrubs and trees. These plants are well adapted to our environment. Several varieties are both wet and drought tolerant making them useful for erosion control and road side plantings. Given their hardy diversity they are an environmentally wise choice for the gardener to consider.

This is a FREE course that will take place virtually on Zoom. *Please register in advance by clicking on the REGISTER button or emailing NanaimoHarbourfront@virl.bc.ca.*

*Prior to the event, you’ll receive the Zoom link that you’ll need to join the class in your email. Please make sure to include an email address in your registration so that you can be sent the ZOOM link and other important information.* NOTE: Registration confirmation is not automated, but will be sent manually prior to the event. As long as you have submitted the registration form, you will be added to the list to receive this email.

About the Instructor: 

Dorothee Kieser has been a certified Master Gardener for 12 years. She brings to the library seminars her scientific approach (from her career as a biologist) as well as a wealth of experience from her own extensive home orchards, vegetable, flower, and rhododendron gardens. In addition to her volunteer work with the Master Gardeners Dorothee is an active member the Beban Learning Garden (a large, local community garden which features a greenhouse), and has given numerous seminars on many gardening topics to gardening clubs and associations. Dorothee is a one of the chapter’s mentors to our new members, serves as Vice President for the Vancouver Island Master Gardener Chapter and is part of the steering committee who ensures high standards are kept for our basic training program at VIU.

About VIMGA:

The Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association (VIMGA) is a chapter of the Master Gardeners Association, an international service society of specially trained volunteers who teach science-based sustainable gardening practices to home gardeners. VIMGA is one of the 5 chapters in the British Columbia Association and partnering with the Victoria chapter, specializes in the stewardship of Vancouver Island’s unique environment.

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