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This event is hosted by Alice Curitz Counselling Services.

Join us for a free screening of A.J. Lowik’s talk, “Creating Trans-Inclusive Abortion Services: Challenging the Gendered Silos of Reproductive Health Care”, followed by a Q&A with them.

A.J. Lowik is a PhD Candidate with the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia. Their dissertation research considers trans people’s reproductive decision-making processes, building on their MA thesis which focused on access to abortion and trans people’s inclusion into women-only spaces. A.J. teaches Intro to Trans Studies at UBC, and has facilitated many workshops on trans-inclusion, including the Promoting Trans Literacies workshop series at UBC, a workshop on menstruation movements with PERIOD., and numerous workshops with yoga studios. They also work part-time at the B.C. Centre for Substance Use, as part of a team focused on creating substance use research, policy and treatment options that are inclusive to trans, as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual and queer people. They recently co-authored a commentary with the Journal of Addiction Medicine on creating gender-inclusive alcohol interventions for pregnant people.

“This presentation will explore A.J.’s previous life as an employee at a women-only abortion clinic, their subsequent MA thesis which considered the barriers and obstacles to trans-inclusive abortion services, and the manual for abortion providers that they have since written on this topic, which has been distributed across Canada. By considering the abortion clinic as an exemplar, this presentation will challenge and critique the gendered silos of reproductive health care more generally, where embodied reproductive experiences like pregnancy and abortion, childbirth, lactation, etc. are understood as exclusively women’s experiences, and frequently delivered in women-centred or women-only spaces. It will address the clinical landscape of abortion in Canada and the United States and identify areas of concern for trans folks experiencing unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. It will also explore the opportunities for trans-inclusive abortion care that are opened up when we allow for self-managed pregnancy termination, bringing abortion out of the clinics and hospitals and into the hands of pregnancy people.”

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