The World of Alliums

Alliums? Start with onions. Move on to garlic, leeks, scallions, chives, and so on. But don’t stop there: there are hundreds of ornamental alliums grown for their beautiful globular flower clusters and for their appeal to our all-important pollinators. In this seminar, we’ll take a look at the culinary and ornamental alliums, how to grow them successfully, and why you might want to (beyond adding them to your hamburger).

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About the Instructor:

Cameron Smith has been VIMGA member for nine years and is a graduate of VIU’s Horticultural Technician program. His gardening efforts focus on food crops, west coast native plants, and ornamentals for pollinators and beauty. He has served as VIMGA’s treasurer and webmaster, and designed and implemented VIMGA’s website (

About VIMGA:

The Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association (VIMGA) is a chapter of the Master Gardeners Association, an international service society of specially trained volunteers who teach science-based sustainable gardening practices to home gardeners. VIMGA is one of the 5 chapters in the British Columbia Association and partnering with the Victoria chapter, specializes in the stewardship of Vancouver Island’s unique environment.

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