Do you love animals?  Do you like to draw them?  Come get some pointers and tips from this year’s Summer Reading Club artist, Bambi Edlund.  Bambi will lead us through critter drawing in this mini workshop.

Join our Summer Reading Club Facebook Group to watch this workshop.  Our Facebook group also includes videos of all the other events we held during Summer Reading Club 2020.  You can still watch any (or all!) of the events we offered this summer!

Bambi Edlund grew up in Wycliffe BC, surrounded by coyotes, cougars, and bears (oh my!). Above all else, she loved animals and drawing—the margins of her school notebooks were filled with singing cats, dancing groundhogs, and chickens playing guitar. Her artist father and book-loving mother made sure she was always surrounded by endless piles of books.

She now lives in Vancouver, BC where she works as an illustrator, a wool sculptor, and a stop motion animator. She shares her small home with two large Bernese Mountain Dogs, Beatrix & Buster, and a sassy little cat named Midge. When she’s not drawing in her home studio, she is stalking the urban wildlife in her neighborhood—the coyotes, crows, and raccoons know her well.


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