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What is sexual harassment in the workplace? What options do you have if you think you or a colleague are being sexually harassed? Do you need to go to court? How do you “prove” it? And what if you don’t have money to hire a lawyer? For answers to these questions and more like them, join us at our free webinar with lawyers Cayleigh Shiff of the Community Legal Assistance Society and Catalina Rodriguez of Forte Law as they explain what sexual harassment in the workplace is, what options you have, and where you might find support.

Presented by People’s Law School.

Cayleigh Shiff

Cayleigh is a lawyer for the Community Legal Assistance Society’s SHARP Workplaces, where she provides legal advice to clients and delivers education and training workshops about workplace sexual harassment. Prior to working at CLAS, Cayleigh worked as a civil litigator at a national private law firm in Vancouver where she represented clients at the BC Supreme Court, Provincial Court of BC, the BC Human Rights Tribunal, and the Civil Resolution Tribunal.

Catalina Rodriguez

Catalina has been practicing employment and labour law in BC since 2006. She has worked in private practice with a large national firm representing companies, and with a small firm representing mostly employees. Prior to joining Forte Law, where she is currently an employment lawyer and workplace investigator, Catalina was head of employee relations for the Canada operations of a global bank. All of these experiences have given Catalina a broad range of perspectives on workplace issues. She also currently facilitates seminars on workplace harassment through StandUp teams. Catalina brings a coaching, trauma-informed, and mindful lens to the practice of law.

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