Profeta’s life has been full of questions…

Questions of the soul, of existence, and of love. Following the advice of a strange woman, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, wandering the land for years on end. She meets a cast of magical characters, both good and evil, who challenge her assumptions. She battles her illusions of romantic love, reinvents her concept of friendship, and struggles to live outside of the constraints that society uses to restrain us. As her road unravels before her, she learns valuable lessons about trust, love, self-knowledge, and mindfulness.

Woven with Jungian and Buddhist themes, this poignant story balances fantasy with philosophy to create a surreal tale of discovery, strength, and independence.


Yuliya Dewolfe is an author and retired nurse who spent her career with oncology and emergency trauma patients. She has studied meditation and martial arts for forty years and has travelled widely in Europe and Asia. This story first came to her during a trip to Portugal’s Azores archipelago over three decades ago. Today she lives with her cat in the forests of Gabriola Island, British Columbia, where she continues her meditation practice.

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