Join us for the second session of the Fall 2019 Philosopher’s Cafe series. In November, we will be discussing and debating the question: is there hope for humanity? John Anderson will be our host and facilitator.

Since the beginning of the Holocene, when humans killed off the woolly mammoth, mastodon and Cro-Magnon, they have set the course for an ecological nightmare. Human nature is neither tabula rasa nor “noble savage” as many in the social sciences endorse. The history of humankind is replete with patriarchy, forced servitude, slavery, pogroms, genocides, and warfare ― with religions and political ideologies rationalizing these cruelties. Against this bleak prognosis, is there hope for humankind?

John Anderson is an Honourary Research Associate (Criminology) at Vancouver Island University. His main areas of interest are corporate and state crime. He enjoys reading, hiking, mountain biking, and contemplating the future of humanity.

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