Join us for the first Fall 2019 Philosopher’s Cafe. In October, we will be discussing and debating the concept of free will. Michael Caditz will be our host and facilitator.

People face many choices in their lives, and many of us believe that we are free agents able to make good choices or bad; moral or immoral. But if the human mind is a physical thing, and therefore subject to the laws of nature, it is not apparent how the physical world–in which events are determined by cause and effect–can account for non-deterministic, free will. Perhaps our lives, rather than being ours to shape as we choose, are pre-determined by past events. Or rather, is the human mind non-physical, and therefore not subject to the laws of nature?

Michael Robert Caditz is a recent VIU philosophy graduate with distinction and honours. He went on to achieve an MS in Energy Management with distinction at New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver.

Don’t miss the second Philosopher’s Cafe in November, where we will be discussing the question “is there hope for humanity?”


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