Are you curious about the ocean? Become a marine adventurer with us as we embark on an ocean safari adventure!

Local author Sara Ellison has snorkelled all around Vancouver Island, and has even written a book about her adventures: Snorkelling Adventures Around Vancover Island and the Gulf Islands: The ultimate Guide. Sara is excited to show kids the many amazing things she has seen in our local ocean waters including seastars (including some of the largest in the world), many tens of outrageously colourful nudibranch species, anemones, corals (yes, we have corals!) and of course the signature giant Pacific octopus.

Kids of all ages are welcome to attend this free online visual presentation. Register by emailing


Sara Ellison is a professional astrophysicist and a significant leader in the cosmology field. She lives in Victoria, BC and is an Astronomy Professor at the University of Victoria.

Sara is a keen sportswoman (particularly active in triathlons), traveler (with a current tally of 64 countries) and has written a best-selling guide book about snorkeling around Vancouver Island that has been featured on CBC and in Canadian Geographic .