Celebrate the changing season with our Nature Art Challenge. Open to ALL AGES. You could win a Hibernation Kit.

Gather natural materials like leaves, nuts, cones, sticks, rocks, shells…whatever you can find…and get creative. You can make anything you like:

  • Play with patterns
  • Make a picture
  • Make a sculpture
  • Work BIG or small

The only limit is your time, energy and imagination.

Snap a photo of your art and send it to sidney@virl.bc.ca with “Nature Art Challenge” in the subject line. Every entry earns a ballot in the Hibernation Kit prize draw.

No technology for taking and sending photos? No problem! If you make something, we’ll give you a ballot for the draw. Please just let us know at the library service desk.

The challenge is open to people of ALL AGES. You can work with a group, a class, a daycare, with your family or by yourself. Get your entry in by Monday , October 18, 8 pm.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Adults may want to oversee the gathering of materials. Not everything in nature is safe and/or good to touch!

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