Have you ever wondered what it must have felt like for Katniss the first time she stepped into The Hunger Games arena? Now you can join in the battle and PVP your way to top to be the be the last tribute alive in these survival games.

In Hunger Games, equipment is hidden in boxes throughout the level where you will have to scavenge and take what you can to stay alive. And unlike the regular Minecraft edition, you won’t be b building houses and mining resources.

To join the VIRL Minecraft Server, you will need to be added to the server’s whitelist by emailing cc@virl.bc.ca with a request to join the server and provide your username. Once we have added you to the server you will be able to join, build and participate in events on our VIRL Minecraft Server.

To join, make sure you boot up Minecraft version 1.15.2, then select multiplayer by selecting Online Play, then add server.

Sever Name – VIRL
Server Address – VIRL.apexmc.co

The server will be up for the summer and check back Minecraft events by checking out calendar of events on our website www.virl.bc.ca.

For more information on our Summer Reading Program, visit Explore the Universe.

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If you fancy a Hunger Games experience, there’s no better place to go — just make sure you watch you back!