Attention all Minecrafters. Join us on our Minecraft server this summer and play some Capture the Flag, Minecraft Style.

In Minecraft Capture the Flag, the players are divided into two teams, the Red team and the Blue team. The objective of CTF is to capture the other teams flag while defending yours. Each player who enters a Minecraft Capture The Flag server is given a choice of one of four kits to battle and defend your castle with. These kits are: Archer, Heavy, Medic, and Soldier.

To join the VIRL Minecraft Server, you will need to be added to the server’s whitelist by emailing cc@virl.bc.ca with a request to join the server and provide your username. Once we have added you to the server you will be able to join, build and participate in events on our VIRL Minecraft Server.

To join, make sure you boot up Minecraft version 1.13.2, then select multiplayer by selecting Online Play, then add server.

Sever Name – VIRL
Server Address – VIRL.apexmc.co

The Minecraft server will be up for the summer for Minecraft Summer Builders and we will be running other events check back Minecraft events by checking out calendar of events on our website www.virl.bc.ca.

For more information on our Summer Reading Program, visit Explore the Universe.

We hope you’ll be able to join in. Happy building everyone!