The Chocolate Pilgrim book cover

Join us at the Harbourfront Branch as Comox Valley author, Marie Maccagno, presents her book, The Chocolate Pilgrim: A Journey to Self-Discovery & Transformation on the Camino de Santiago.

In the spring of 2009 Marie made a commitment to walk 800 kilometers through Spain in the hopes she could eat all the chocolate she could find. What she didn’t expect to find was herself.

A walk that long gives a person a lot of time to think. Marie’s mind dished out big lessons around forgiving her mother, entertaining the idea of possibly leaving her husband, and honoring herself as a parent. One step at a time is how Marie completed the Camino de Santiago and learned to love herself after all the years of inner self-hate.

Join Marie for selected readings, a photo presentation from El Camino de Santiago, and a Q&A.

About Marie:

Marie has been writing since she could make pencil squiggles on paper. She has an abiding curiosity and desire to explore. After walking the Camino de Santiago, Marie followed a path to reclaim her voice. Writing was her route to healing and transformation. She now supports others to tell their stories in writing retreats and one-on-one coaching. Marie has a gift for deep listening and nurturing the inner life of the writer, guiding each person to loving their words. When you learn to love your words, you are learning to love your life.

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