Join us at the Nanaimo Harbourfront branch for the launch and reading of Janis Harper’s new book Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story

An eastern mystic, a western psychic, and a broken man who falls in love with them both at a holy mountain in India. More than an unusual love story, Jonas and the Mountain is a quest for the deepest truth, an excursion into the nature of reality.

When: Saturday July 23rd from 2:30 – 3:30
Where: Nanaimo Harbourfront Branch, 90 Commercial St., Nanaimo, BC

Janis Harper is a writer, singer-songwriter, actor, and former adjunct English professor turned expressive arts therapist.

Janis’s lifelong passions for the creative arts, metaphysics, spirituality, and philosophy come together in Jonas and the Mountain. Although it looks like a novel, it’s really semi-autobiographical, and contains metaphysical and spiritual teachings as well as expressive arts therapy elements and activities. She considers it to be the truest work she’s ever written.


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