• Date: Saturday, June 8, 2024
  • Time:
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Branch: Campbell River
  • Venue:
  • Audience:

What would it be like to sit down with someone you might never otherwise get to meet, to safely have those conversations you never get to have?

Now’s your chance to find out!

For one day only, we are opening our bookshelves so you can spend time with “Human Books”!

“Read’ one, or “read” them all… a fresh perspective awaits.


We are excited to share the news about the upcoming Human Library event we are hosting.

A Human Library is a gathering of living “Books” (people) who are eager to share their stories in a welcoming and safe space to foster engaging dialogue and personal connections with interested “Readers.” Human Libraries typically feature Books who belong to groups in society who have been exposed to stigma, stereotyping, or prejudices. From their past experiences, Books provide Readers with insight, personal experience, and perspective around situations Readers might not otherwise learn about. Join us in this unconventional library experience as we aim to dissolve barriers, amplify diverse voices, and confront preconceptions. Let’s collectively embrace the Human Library’s motto: “Unjudge someone!”

Book titles will be announced at the event and sign up will be all day. Normal library service will continue during the day.

For more about the Human Library organization and what the event is about, click here.

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