The party’s over, the damage is done and it is hard to remember exactly what happened. It would be nice to sit back and relax, but if you are stressed about your holiday bills, relaxing is probably the last thing on your mind. What can you do to stop the vicious cycle of falling into debt every holiday season?

Our Holiday Money Hangover workshop focuses on how you can pay off your holiday debts and how you can plan ahead so that you’ll never accrue this type of debt again.

This is a free online event hosted on Ringcentral (Zoom) 

When: Tuesday January 25th, 2022 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: Online (Ringcentral/Zoom), to obtain the event invitation link, register below


Join us for an interactive and fun workshop where you will walk away with:

• An understanding of your current holiday debt situation
• A plan on how to address your holiday debt; and
• Suggestions on how to avoid this debt in the future


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