Sprouts & Microgreens : Huge Nutrition from Tiny Plants

Even apartment dwellers and first-time gardeners can grow fresh greens with a small investment in space, time, and money. In this seminar Jo-Ann Canning will teach us how. She will explain the differences between microgreens and sprouts, show us the equipment used for both, and explain how to manage planting schedules and the greens for a continuing harvest all year long. She will also cover the concentrated nutrition available from these tiny plants, and the many cultivars of seed available that offer us a huge variety of flavours.

This is a FREE course. *Please register in advance by clicking on the REGISTER button, by calling 250-753-1154, or emailing NanaimoHarbourfront@virl.bc.ca*

About VIMGA:

The Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association (VIMGA) is a chapter of the Master Gardeners Association, an international service society of specially trained volunteers who teach science-based sustainable gardening practices to home gardeners. VIMGA is one of the 5 chapters in the British Columbia Association, and partnering with the Victoria chapter, specializes in the stewardship of Vancouver Island’s unique environment.

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