Introduction to Our Native Pollinators + Mason Bees: Our No-sting Pollinator

Part 1 of an introduction to this amazing group of insects who keep our flowers beautiful and our food harvests bountiful. Jo-Ann will introduce you to our local wild pollinators and their importance to our yards, our parks, and the wilderness. Dorothee will present the main part of the session, teaching you about mason bees, our most important wild pollinator. She will cover how to attract, house, and care for mason bees in your yard.

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About the Instructors: 

Jo-Ann Canning volunteers, teaches and speaks on sustainable gardening. Her practical approach is based on 20+ years gardening on Vancouver Island, Nova Scotia, the American Southwest and the UK. She has taught at clubs, horticultural societies, VIU, and Van Dusen Botanical Garden. Her articles and photographs have appeared in Canadian and USA magazines, and on the MGABC website.

For most of her working life, Dorothee Keiser was a biologist at Fisheries and Oceans at the Pacific Biological Station in Nanaimo. Upon retirement she wholeheartedly embraced gardening. As a certified Master Gardener, she is an active member of the Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association, regularly volunteers both at the Beban Learning Gardens and at Milner Gardens and Woodlands. She maintains her own large vegetable garden and teaches practical gardening through hands-on and theoretical sessions.

About VIMGA:

The Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association (VIMGA) is a chapter of the Master Gardeners Association, an international service society of specially trained volunteers who teach science-based sustainable gardening practices to home gardeners. VIMGA is one of the 5 chapters in the British Columbia Association and partnering with the Victoria chapter, specializes in the stewardship of Vancouver Island’s unique environment.

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