Flowers to Feed the Pollinators

Every flower in our garden can feed a pollinator, and with over 200 species on our Island, they need a lot of food. In this seminar Joanne Barwise will introduce us to some local pollinators (some are not wild bees yet are very beneficial in the garden as killers of common pests), and which flowers attract them. She will address blooms for butterflies, bees, and other beneficials. She will talk about which pollinators enjoy herbs, berries and fruit trees as well as ornamentals, and how native plants and flowers fit into the wonderful choices we have that make our gardens both beautiful and eco-friendly to these endangered species.

This is a FREE seminar. *Please register in advance by clicking on the REGISTER button, by calling 250-753-1154, or emailing*

About the Instructor:

Joanne is one of our new members in the Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association as well as an active member of the Nanaimo The Nanaimo Beekeepers’ Club, a volunteer, non-profit organization that promotes education for beekeepers and the public. She is an environmental educator and author, and wants everyone to know that her enthusiasm may be contagious!

About VIMGA:

The Vancouver Island Master Gardeners Association (VIMGA) is a chapter of the Master Gardeners Association, an international service society of specially trained volunteers who teach science-based sustainable gardening practices to home gardeners. VIMGA is one of the 5 chapters in the British Columbia Association and partnering with the Victoria chapter, specializes in the stewardship of Vancouver Island’s unique environment.

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