Join us for two free, documentary films about the experiences of Indigenous veterans of WWII and Vietnam.

Forgotten Warriors (1997) | Loretta Todd | 51 min

This documentary introduces us to thousands of Indigenous Canadians who enlisted and fought alongside their countrymen and women during World War II, even though they could not be conscripted. Ironically, while they fought for the freedom of others, they were being denied equality in their own country and returned home to find their land seized.

Hunting in Wartime (2016) | Samantha Farinelle | 1h 5min

HUNTING IN WARTIME profiles the incredible stories of Tlingit Native Americans from the village of Hoonah, Alaska who served in the Vietnam War. Their stories confront the complexity of serving a country that systematically oppressed them, and expose on a very personal level the human experience of war and its lasting effects on veterans and their communities.

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