I Spy Sidney

We’re celebrating Family Literacy Week from January 24 – 31 “Let’s Be Active! Move * Play * Learn.”

OUTSIDE: We’ve set up an “I Spy” Challenge in our windows. You can visit it any time you like. *Please be mindful of safe physical distancing.

INSIDE: You can help yourself to an “Activity Scroll” full of tips and ideas to get the whole family moving! You can also find more online: https://www.decoda.ca/support-us/events/family-literacy-week/family-literacy-week-resources/family-literacy-week-activity-sheets-2021/

PRIZE DRAW: Kids ages 0-12 can enter our draw to win a $25 Gift Certificate at Buddies Toys. Please send your name and contact to sidney@virl.bc.ca or phone 250-656-0944 (leaving a voicemail is just fine!) and we’ll put your name in the draw. The draw will be held on February 1. Good luck!

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