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When someone posts a hurtful comment about another person online, is this defamation? If it happens to you, what are your rights and how do you protect them? And what happens if you’re the one accused of defamation? Can you be made to pay money or sent to jail? To learn about defamation, please join us for our free webinar with lawyer Daniel Coles of Owen Bird Law Corporation. Daniel will answer common questions about defamation, including what it is and what you can do about it.

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Daniel Coles

Dan is litigation shareholder (partner) at Owen Bird, a mid-sized law firm in downtown Vancouver. He enjoys a broad practice representing and advising clients from a variety of industries with an emphasis on construction litigation, media and defamation law, and assisting licensees in the hospitality industry. Dan is the author of Alcohol & Advocacy, an award-winning blog that considers development in the law concerning the sale, manufacture, and consumption of alcohol.


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