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So you’ve heard the term creative nonfiction, but what does it encompass exactly? Come hop in a rocket ship – it’s spacious and comes equipped with your favourite chair – and explore the creative nonfiction cosmos in this 90-minute webinar with writer Shelley Stein-Wotten. We’ll journey through the elemental building blocks and make some pit stops at the planetary subcategories of this expansive category of creative writing. During the webinar we’ll learn about the importance of the writer’s voice and we’ll do a short guided exercise so you can begin to suss out your own unique way of seeing and describing the world within and around you. Space suits optional.

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About the facilitator

Shelley Stein-Wotten’s humour writing, essays, and commentary have appeared in The Temz Review, R U Joking?, JÓN Magazine, The Belladonna, and on Her sketches have been performed in Vancouver and Seattle. She has a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and journalism from Vancouver Island University and a diploma in writing for film and television from Vancouver Film School. She writes and eats mostly vegetables from her home on Vancouver Island.


Presented in partnership with Wordstorm.

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