Join us at the Comox Library for a reading and presentation by children’s book author and illustrator Nancy Vo, author of The Outlaw! Nancy will read from her book, talk about how books are made, and talk a little bit about frontier life.

This event is put on as part of the Children’s Book Festival taking place in Nanaimo on Saturday, June 1. For more info, visit

From the publisher’s description of The Outlaw:

In this spare and powerful story set in the Old West, people in a small town live in constant worry of another visit from the Outlaw. Then the Outlaw suddenly and mysteriously disappears. Time passes, and one day a stranger rides into town. He takes it upon himself to fix everything that is in disrepair — the clapboard schoolhouse, the train station platform. He even builds a horse trough. But when someone recognizes him as the Outlaw, the crowd turns on him. It takes the courage of a small boy to change the course of events …

The subtle, beautiful mixed-media art with its nineteenth-century textural references perfectly complements this original story from debut author and illustrator Nancy Vo.