Book Stack

Join us on Thursday, October 24, at 6:30 pm for a thought-provoking presentation by Dr. Keith D. Smith, co-author of the critically acclaimed book Talking Back to the Indian Act.

“Talking Back to the Indian Act introduces the reader to one of the most important pieces of legislation in Canadian history and – sadly – one that many Canadians know very little about. For nearly a century and a half, the Indian Act has dominated the relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples living within its borders. As it sought to erase individual and collective identities, the Indian Act operated to extinguish Indigenous political structures, regulate familial relationships and gender roles, degrade kinship networks, circumscribe economic undertakings, reduce the land base available to Indigenous communities, and prohibit practices central to the maintenance of Indigenous cultures. Even those Indigenous people who Canada did not choose to classify as “Indian” have been impacted by the Act as they struggled to assert their own distinct identities and legal rights.” (source: University of Toronto Press)

This event is inspired by the Nanaimo Art Gallery’s year long inquiry, What Are Generations? The current exhibition, Truth to Material, features artwork by Syilx/Okanagan Krista Belle Stewart. The exhibition encourages participants to re-evaluate history, tradition, and culture. Those interested in the talk are encouraged to also visit Nanaimo Art Gallery.

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