Join us for a talk by local author Charlyne Chiasson on her book Elemental Feng Shui. Elemental Feng Shui demystifies the ‘Ancient Art of Placement’ by using the Asian based Five Elemental Theory. Also know as the Five transformations this theory is not only fundamental to Feng Shui, but is at the core of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Asian Martial Arts ,Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tibetan Healing. This book covers a broad scope of information with precise vocabulary, illustrations and images which outline basic Feng Shui theory and its practical application.

Charlyne’s presentation will give a background on this ancient art form and its relevance to our health and well being. She will also share  how she came to write the book and in doing so will touch upon her process as a Feng Shui designer, author and geomantic energy worker.

This presentation offers a unique perspective and the potential for understanding yourself and your environments in a new way.

There will a question and answer period afterwards. She will also have a limited number of both hard cover ($39.00) and soft cover ($29.00) copies of her book available for sale. Each attendant will also receive an insight into their ‘personal elemental makeup’.


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